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Project Aesel

Aesel is a project aimed at bringing together the digital and physical worlds to connect us in new, diverse ways.

Computers today and the Internet allow for an unprecedented level of communication. However, these same computers sit between their users, both metaphorically and literally. So, while we are all connected, we are also isolated.

We believe that there is a different way to interact with the digital world, one that does not isolate us and force us away from each other. We believe that there is a way to communicate digitally that can also be personal, and powerful.

Aesel is a back-end server architecture built to allow this communication by independently communicating between arbitrary devices. It tracks object locations, rotations, and scaling and streams these out to devices that need them, as well as tracking relationships between different coordinate systems. It will also ensure that 3D assets are distributed to all necessary devices.

The Documentation for Aesel can be found on ReadTheDocs.

Stuck and need help? Have general questions about the application? We encourage you to publish your question on Stack Overflow. We regularly monitor for the tag ‘aesel’ in questions.

We encourage the use of Stack Overflow for a few reasons:

  • Once the question is answered, it is searchable and viewable by everyone else.
  • The forum format offers an easy method to get a larger community involved with a tougher question.

If you believe that you have found a bug in Aesel, or have an enhancement request, we encourage you to raise an issue on our github page.

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