Aesel Components

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Aesel is not actually a single program, but a number of programs all running independently and communicating with each other. This allows for built-in redundancy to achieve both high-availability, and scalablity to respond quickly to large changes in volume.

Below you can find the components that comprise the Aesel Architecture:


Adrestia acts as the HTTP Gateway for external clients into Aesel. It abstracts away the various clusters of event-based components into a single transactional plane for both users and other services to utilize.


Kelona stores graphics assets, and tracks various versions of those assets over time. Effectively, it acts as a Version Control System for large-scale, binary files for large-scale userbases.


AeselProjects stores project management information for collaborative 3-D projects (ie. Animation, Product Design, etc). This provides organizational capabilities and a rich User Experience on large projects.


CLyman is a service working in the domain of Renderable Objects. It exposes CRUD operations, and is the starting point of the Outbound Streaming API’s.

Crazy Ivan

Crazy Ivan is a service working in the domain of Scenes. It exposes CRUD operations for scenes, as well as registration operations. It also acts as the sender for the Outbound Streaming API’s.


Mongo serves as the primary data store behind CLyman, storing all Object information.

Mongo GridFS also serves as the default data store for Assets.


Neo4j serves as the primary data store behind Crazy Ivan, storing all Scene information.


Consul serves as both a service registry and a distributed configuration store.